I give thanks to my Father, for all those moments we spent together, fishing. For opening my eyes when I could not see.

This Lures are named Natural Killers. A new fishing era has started and you can form part of it.

Hand craft and commercial jigs, all made with passion. 


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2017 Innovating patterns

Natural Killer Instinct

Fifteen years creating my own Shrimp Lures, studying the pattern of behaviour in Shrimp predators in response to certain stimulations. Fifteen years worth every second, for creating the "Natural Killer, ready for action" Shrimp Lure. A Shrimp lure with a base material created from real fresh Shrimp that stimulates its predators immiment attack.


Quince años creando mis propios señuelos gamba, estudiando los patrones de comportamiento de sus depredadores tras responder a ciertos estímulos.

Quince años los cuales cada segundo ha valido la pena, para poder crear los señuelos Gamba "Natural Killer, ready for action". Una gamba "artificial" de la cual, uno de sus materiales, proviene de una gamba real, consiguiendo estimular un inminente ataque del depredador.