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Román G. Fishing Lures ® 2017

Román G. Fishing Lures © 2017 


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Tel: +44 7596366868 +44 7596366868


All the designes and photos that appear in this page have copyright and intellectaul property.

It is forbbiden to copy or imitate any of Román G. Fishing Lures (RGFL) squid jigs.

It is forbidden to record any type of video of Román G Fishing Lures squid jigs and post it in social media or WhatsApp without permission from Román G Fishing Lures.

Resale or sale of Román G. Fishing Lures ´s products are not allowed without permission from Román G. Fishing Lures (Unused products).



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Román G. Fishing Lures

Capel, Surrey

Tel: +44 7596366868 +44 7596366868


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